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Thank you for your straight forwardness. I truly believe most hard working Americans have the same mind set that you have so clearly expressed.
As you described regular folks here in our great country in comparison to powerful individuals and government bureaucracies, several things came to mind.
When our elected official supposedly hold town meeting with us "regular folks", why doesn't the media cover these events?
At such events, we the people should press our elected official's to hard questions and made to answer publicly.
To Senators....
Term limits - Do you agree or not and why?
Health care coverage - why are you not on the same health care plan as our retirees?
Retirement Benefits - Why is yours so much higher than the average American?
Social Security - If you were on the same plan as regular folks would you be more concerned of it's sovereignty?
Salary - Regular folks don't get to vote themselves a raise. Why do you have those rights when regular folks have to be able to achieve targeted goals.

I could go on, but we both have to get back to earning our living.

Thank you for your comments.