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Today, we seem surrounded by fears, yet the stock market is trading close to an…
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To paraphrase Winston Churchill, if our country were to last a thousand years, would they…
07/20/17: Regular Folks
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and one of the world’s richest men, is on…

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Willingdon Philosophy

at willingdon wealth management we fully appreciate the significance of our fiduciary relationship with each and every one of our clients. As a result, we are committed to understanding the investment goals and objectives of each client as the first step in developing a personalized long-term investment strategy. Only then can we establish the optimum asset allocation between equities and fixed income that will balance portfolio risk and return.

Consistent with our fiduciary responsibility we focus on only the highest quality securities in all of our equity and fixed income disciplines. Our experience has proven that consistently buying industry-leading companies at reasonable valuations can produce above average equity investment returns with lower risk and below average portfolio turnover.

At the heart of our investment process we believe that a disciplined and repeatable approach is the only path to outstanding long-term performance. In our Core Equity Strategy, we focus on quality growth stocks within a top-down process that includes economic cycle analysis and identification of secular growth drivers. Our Covered Call Strategy attempts to generate additional income by selling call options on stocks owned in the portfolio.  Our Equity Income Strategy focuses on identifying securities that generate dependable income streams.  The Enhanced Yield Strategy seeks to identify securities that combine price appreciation with growing dividends and above-average yields. For the Fixed Income Strategy our focus is on credit quality, realizing the important diversification role that fixed income typically plays in most balanced portfolios.

With the right investment strategy, prudent diversification, and an unwavering focus on quality we are confident that we can help each client achieve long-term investment success.