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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 04:47

Ted Ake, Director

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Ted brings extensive fixed income and investment strategy knowledge to Willingdon from his 35-year career in US Fixed Income markets. Previous to joining Willingdon, Ted was Managing Director at Societe Generale Securities in New York City, where he built and managed the worldwide US cash rates trading desk which obtained Primary Dealer designation from the Federal Reserve and US Treasury. Prior to Societe Generale, Ted was Managing Director at Mizuho Securities USA in New York, where he was responsible for worldwide management of trading in US Treasuries, US Agencies, Mortgage-Backed Securities, and Corporate Bonds. Ted traded US Treasuries and Agencies in Charlotte for Wachovia Securities. He traded in Chicago as Managing Director of Rates trading for EVEREN Securities, as a Proprietary trader for Fuji Securities USA and a US Treasury trader at Continental Illinois National Bank. Ted traded in San Francisco for Midland Montague Government Securities, PLC where he traded Treasury Bills.

Ted earned his BA in Political Science and Economics from Northwestern University and his MBA in Finance from The University of Illinois.

Ted and his wife, Valorie, are active in their community primarily through their church and Habitat for Humanity. Ted and Val are also active in Bible Study in Charlotte. They have two children, TJ and Catherine. In his spare time, Ted enjoys travel and is an avid golfer.

Ted joined Willingdon in March 2012. He is responsible for Fixed Income portfolio management, Equity Option strategies, Global Economic strategy, and client service.

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