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Building a Legacy

As we continue to grow our team of professionals, we talk a lot about building a legacy.

We challenge ourselves by asking the following questions –

  • What do you want to be remembered for?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with your success?

We truly believe that the best measure of a person is not how much they accumulate, but how much they give back.

In this context, we encourage our partners to get involved in their community, to try to make a difference, and maintain a selfless attitude in our business and within the community by asking - Who can I serve today?

Stewards of the GameAmong other organizations and charities, Willingdon Wealth Management supports Stewards of the Game, a youth sports organization co-founded in 1999 by Mike Kayes. Stewards of the Game is dedicated to teaching life lessons through sports.

Below are before and after pictures of some of the Willingdon Team volunteering with the “Climb” organization doing demolition work to establish a coffee house which will serve a variety of Charlotte ministries.

climb demo 001

climb demo 002

Fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte
rmhouse fundraiser